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What is Segue?

Segue (pronounced SEG-way) is customized software built on the Salesforce platform, designed to automate the business of pre-settlement funding from intake to settlement. For those familiar with Salesforce, Segue is a set of custom objects, solutions, code and reporting built on top of the Salesforce platform that will manage any pre-settlement funding company.

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Segue has a six-year history of success!

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Is Segue for you?

Pre-settlement funding companies of ANY size will benefit from Segue. Looking to manage day to day operations? Track fundings? Automate the intake process? Segue handles all that, plus you will discover the true performance of your attorneys, clients, and fundings.

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Segue is built with Pre-Settlement Funding in mind…


Automate intake with forms on your existing website

Auto-notify any member of your company, attorneys, paralegals, and clients at any funding stage or milestone

Generate documents at the push of a button, such as contracts, payoff letters, and reports


Attorney contact information, case status, funding status, payoff details, and more is organized and at your fingertips

Robust reporting options, providing you with up-to-the-minute detail about all aspects of your business

Customize what and how field, task, and user level data is displayed


All data is stored in the cloud

Segue is built on the Salesforce platform, their uptime is our uptime

No one has access to any data unless you give it to them, both inside the company and out

Segue Cloud Services The Other Guy

Six year history of success operating
pre-settlement funding companies

Yes No

Mobile App

Yes No

Customizable and adaptable to the way
YOU run your business

Yes No

NO transaction fees

Yes No

You own your data exclusively

Yes No

Automated statusing

Yes No


Yes No

Real-time reporting

Yes No

Full reporting and data history on
attorneys and clients

Yes No

Integration with multiple third-party apps
and software your office is already using!

Yes No

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My contract is very complex, can Segue still generate it?
Yes! Our document generation is powered by Conga, a very powerful service.

Can Segue software also help with our marketing efforts?
Yes! Reports, notifications, and auto contact campaigns can be setup to make sure relationships with your attorneys are constantly improved.

Does Segue interact with existing financial software, like QuickBooks?
Yes! Segue integrates with many popular financial software solutions.

Does my subscription include updates?
Three times a year, the Salesforce platform is updated. Segue will ensure that any new bells and whistles Salesforce adds will be available in our software. We will also roll out new features and options, which will be included with any active subscription.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes! Salesforce offers a mobile app, and parts of the Segue software are available on the mobile app.

What happens to my data if we decide to cancel our Segue subscription?
Your data remains yours, and though we’ll be sorry to see you go, if you do decide to cancel, your data is easily exported into a series of Excel-compatible tables of information. 

I don’t have Salesforce. Can my company still use Segue?
Salesforce acts as a platform that our extended custom framework is installed on top of, therefore Salesforce is a requirement to using the Segue software.

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