Segue is customized software built on the Salesforce platform and available for purchase worldwide on the Salesforce AppExchange. At its core, segue is a set of custom objects, solutions, code and reporting built on top of the salesforce platform that will manage any pre-settlement funding company.

Is Segue for you?

Pre-settlement funding companies of any size will benefit from segue. looking to manage day to day operations? track fundings? automate intake and contracts? Segue handles all that, plus you will discover the true performance of your attorneys, clients, sales team, competition, and your assets.

Who developed the software?

Segue was built by an experienced team of business leaders that have owned and operated a pre-settlement company since 2010. They have successfully operated their company since 2010. Based on this success, Segue Cloud Services was formed and Segue software became available to the general public.

Features and Benefits

  • Automates your business process from intake to resolution
  • Supports customized rate structures and tracks all your assets to the penny, every time
  • Eliminate mistakes and reduce operating expenses
  • Streamline communication with automated notifications during any funding stage
  • End-to-end artificial intelligence instantly generate contracts, easily creates documents, sends status notifications, and captures e-signatures, all at the click of a button
  • Flexible disbursements and payables to meet the demands of all your customers
  • Attorney contact information, case status, funding status, payoff details and more at your fingertips
  • Forecasts future value and determines profitability by role and customer
  • Robust reporting options with up-to-the-minute detail about all aspects of your business
  • Secure: Proactive data loss prevention featuring daily data backup and effortless retention
  • Reliability: Built on the Salesforce platform
  • Custom user profiles that fit every role in your organization
  • Sales and marketing tools to track, record and grow your sales organization