Why is Segue a Salesforce ISV Partner?

Partnering with Salesforce means Segue is built on a stable, secure and scalable platform from the world leader in CRM technology. Segue underwent a selective and rigorous security review to be officially listed as an application on the Salesforce AppExchange. This means Segue is part of the Salesforce ecosystem that other world class products can integrate seamlessly with.

How do I know it’s reliable?

Segue has managed a pre-settlement company from intake to settlement since 2010. We also have a sophisticated daily backup system that will protect your information and monitors any loss of data due to a breach, malware, or malicious intent.

My contract is very complex, can Segue still generate it?

Yes! Our document generation is powered by Conga, a very powerful service. Conga Automatically populates all the details you choose for all contracts plus Accruals on payoff letters, request for documents by case type, and Status notifications.

Can Segue software also help with our marketing efforts?

Yes! Reports, notifications, and auto contact campaigns can be setup to make sure relationships with your attorneys are constantly improved.

Does Segue interact with existing financial software?

Yes! Segue works alongside industry leading Applications like Doc U Sign, QuickBooks, Drop Box, Fed Ex and more.

Does my subscription include updates?

Three times a year, the Salesforce platform is updated. We will also roll out new features and options, which will be included with all active subscriptions.

My Company is not Automated, how will I know where to start?

The team at Segue is also your consultant in the pre-settlement space and with you every step of the way. As a valued Segue member, we will partner together and share best practices from the industry.

Does Segue provide profitability statistics and Reports?

Segue provides up to the minute reports and statistics. Features include attorney and law firm ROI, Sales and Broker profitability, and time and efficiency metrics from intake to settlement.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! Salesforce offers a mobile app and access from any device.

What happens to my data if we decide to cancel our Segue subscription?

Your data remains yours, and though we’ll be sorry to see you go, if you do decide to cancel, your data is easily exported into a series of Excel-compatible tables of information.

I don’t have Salesforce. Can my company still use Segue?

Salesforce acts as a platform that our extended custom framework is installed on top of, therefore Salesforce is a requirement to using the Segue software.

My Company is large and Complex, Does the team at Segue provide Custom development?

We are a one stop shop for all your development needs. While we believe our software will run any company today, we also have a team of developers have a proven track record of adding custom workflows to our offering.